Accomplish Your Goals While Making New Friends

We GP is a non-partisan community action organization. We advocate for the civil and human rights of all people throughout the Grosse Pointes and surrounding communities, and act to support causes that advance change to improve peoples’ lives at the neighborhood, city, state and national levels.

The causes we support are shaped by the We GP Steering Committee and informed by the needs and passions of our members and our guiding principles. We invest our time, talent and resources to address chronic issues that require long-term solutions, and we are ready to mobilize quickly to respond to emerging challenges.

We will accomplish our mission by continually learning about each other, our challenges, our business leaders, and our elected officials and candidates. We will seek to form coalitions among groups whose causes and issues address challenges we identify. We will actively participate in our community and encourage others to do so through education, advocacy and outreach.

We welcome all like-minded individuals who believe that community members, regardless of ideological differences, can work together to address the challenges we face.

Please explore our events, blog and task force sections for more information about current initiatives

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